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Exclusive Services
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Through a consultation with expert courtship coach and makeup artist, you can learn:

  • Where and how to meet the men you want to attract

  • How to craft a profile for online dating, including what photos you should post

  • How to be a Creature Unlike Any Other (CUAO), both inside and out

  • How your dating history and childhood issues may be affecting the men you attract

  • Tips for personal shopping and makeovers to help you attract the right men

  • How to know if you are in a soulmate relationship now

  • Whether he’s into you or a Next!

  • Advice for communicating via text, phone, email, and all other mediums

  • If he’s a red flag NEXT

  • How to act on dates in the early stages of your relationship

  • How to get a man to propose, and if he doesn’t, how to move on

  • How to get back in the dating game if you’re divorced or haven’t been dating for a while

  • How to apply The Soulmate Code if you are engaged, married, and much more!

We offer various services for consultations, depending on your preferences, via email, telephone and in person. The level of our service varies from answering a single urgent question you may have to meeting you for a total makeover!

Phone Consultations

  • 15 minutes $53

  • 30 minutes $107

  • One hour $215

  • 6 hour package $1331


In Person Consultations

  • Minimum purchase of 4 hour package $800 & meet at the mall


Email Consultations

  • Includes a lengthy response and one follow up exchange $280


Quick Question

  • $53

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